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Tying the Knot in a San Diego Wedding Venue

We just celebrated Chris and Vienna’s wedding and their Asian-Fusion inspired theme was expertly done! Instead of the usual seated placement that we typically see here at the Cuvier Club, the ceremony took place under our pergola framed by hanging carnations. The guests were standing, which may seem less formal, but the ceremony also felt closer and more personal.

Chris and Vienna’s Guestbook.  Nothing fancy, but elegant in its simplicity.

Fountain at the Venue

The Cuvier Club Ballroom where the reception took place. The lighting really complemented the other elements of theme and warmed up the whole space.

I liked the ballroom setup so much here’s another picture.  The hanging carnations were a fantastic feature to the usual decor

Flower centerpieces. Notice how even the candles match the color of the lighting.

These assorted cupcakes are a very popular alternative to a wedding cake.

The wedding sign outside The Cuvier Club.  This style script was used on everything else – table numbers, beverage lists, etc.  Not overly busy, but still fun.

The bride reading the vows she wrote to her husband.  Original, a few jokes, and not too soppy, everyone enjoyed this moment.

Vienna and Chris’ wedding party lining the ceremony site.  I’m amazed at how much color there was during this event and it still looked great in our ceremony site.

And there’s the ring! Two guests happily look on.

All smiles from the Bride

The ceremony sites fountain fit well with the overall theme

These dyed hanging carnations were an excellent addition to the decor!

The ceremony site being prepped moments before the guests arrived.

The bride moving through the guests. She made it a point to thank every single person who attended. It made the day that much better.

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Stunning Wedding at the Cuvier Club

Purple was the color chosen for this beautiful reception at the Cuvier Club, with sunflower centerpieces adding a refreshing touch and a splash of color to this summer wedding.

If the centerpieces weren’t enough to grab your attention at this stunning wedding, there was no shortage of delicious food.  With this much attention to detail put into everything prepared at the Club, you can be certain there was no shortage of happy guests, either.

The warm summer day of this wedding transitioned wonderfully into a warm, beautiful summer night.  Naturally, it was best enjoyed best with the contrast of a cool glass of water.

Save room for desert! An event hosted here is  going to be unique, and these assorted cupcakes in place of traditional wedding cake certainly fit the bill.  They were a big hit with the guests and marked the perfect end to a perfect evening, concluding yet another memorable event at the fabulous Cuvier Club.

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Brewery themed #Wedding

On Saturday we were lucky to host Jessica and Austin’s reception at the Cuvier Club in La Jolla. They must be San Diego natives because their theme was based around local micro breweries that are famous here. It was a really nice event that went smoothly as can be. Thanks for checking out the pictures!

These hand rolled Cuban cigars were a hit at this wedding. Though I wasn’t lucky enough to try one out, they smelled amazing. If your guests, groomsman, or anyone, like cigars, this is a must.

One of my favorite appetizers that the Abbey Catering does, are these delicious hummus and pita bread snacks.Here’s a shot of their tasty wedding cake.

The bride and groom had a local brewery table sign for every table. Of course, they also served these delicious local brews during cocktail hour.

The sweetheart table is always a popular choice and I like how they decorate it. Notice how they kept the flower centerpieces low on all the tables so smiles could be shared across the ballroom.

The sweetheart table with the cake in the background. The flowers in the background on the stage are subtle but actually add a lot to the atmosphere.

On the belly bars they had these blue mason jars with candles in them. Neat, easy, and it looks great.

Here are some pictures of the centerpieces and the brewery names designating all the tables.

These were cool party favors that were at every place setting.

Just mix with your favorite vodka and you have a tasty lemonade and blueberry cocktail.

These wooden Mr. and Mrs. signs were on the backs of the bride and grooms chairs. The wooden accent is getting to be a very popular wedding item.

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