Beach Themed Ceremony

We might only be steps from the San Diego beach, but that didn’t stop this couple from bringing the beach to their wedding! They decked out our ceremony site and ballroom with a bunch of beach-themed decorations. They had everything from a driftwood pergola to sea shells at the entrance of the aisle. As always, the wedding was a success and everyone had a blast. Check out these photos that we took to share! If you really like something put it on Pinterest!

Nothing beats photos on the beach at the Cuvier Park for weddings.  Can you imagine yourself in that photo at this amazing San Diego wedding venue?

La Jolla Wedding Smile

These reserved signs were really neat. They really made every effort to make sure all the decor matched the theme.

Wedding at the Cuvier Club & Ceremony at Cuvier Park

Wedding Venue On The Beach

This is one of my favorite pictures that I took of their wedding.

The minister did a wonderful job of officiating the ceremony. He really knew the bride and the groom well and was ecstatic to see them married.

Weddings rings are such a timeless symbol of marriage, and though we see this at every wedding, each time is specially unique.

You can really see the joy in the couples faces. Here’s a moment right after their first kiss as a married couple.

It’s hard to believe that in just a few minutes, a promise is made to be together for many years to come.

The whole bridal party looking expectantly at their two friends.

They were like this all night! It was amazing to see them both laughing and smiling constantly.

Everyone loves s’mores and it’s a great way to say thank you to your guests.

There was non stop dancing with this crowd. Our ballroom was one giant party by the end of the night. I hope you enjoyed these pictures of yet another beautiful wedding here at the Cuvier Club! Until next week!

Cuvier Club

Atmospheric Accents

Stephanie's Wedding at the Cuvier Club

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A Stunning Reception

Purple was the color chosen for this beautiful reception, with sunflower centerpieces adding a refreshing touch and a splash of color to this summer wedding in San Diego.

If the centerpieces weren’t enough to grab your attention at this stunning San Diego wedding, there was no shortage of delicious food.  With this much attention to detail put into everything prepared, you can be certain there was no shortage of happy guests, either.

The warm summer day of this wedding transitioned wonderfully into a warm, beautiful summer night.  Naturally, it was best enjoyed best with the contrast of a cool glass of water.

Save room for desert! An event hosted here is  going to be unique, and these assorted cupcakes in place of traditional wedding cake certainly fit the bill.  They were a big hit with the guests and marked the perfect end to a perfect evening, concluding yet another memorable event at the fabulous Cuvier Club.

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The Cuvier Club Wedding Venue in San Diego

The Cuvier Club has been repeatedly recognized as one of San Diego’s best wedding and event venues.   Cuvier Park, which is a small park on the ocean, is only a few minutes walking distance from the Cuvier Club.    The Cuvier Club does have a peek a boo ocean view from it’s own outdoor bougainvillea garden.   But if you are lucky enough to secure the Cuvier Park, through the city of San Diego, you can have a full ocean view ceremony.  The Cuvier Club can host sit down weddings and social events for up to 300 guests with a dance floor and separate cocktail reception area.  Parking is plentiful on the streets surrounding the Club.

The Darlington House- Built as a private home in the 20’s, this beautifully renovated property was designed in a traditional Spanish style. With sweeping rose gardens, brick pathways, and terracotta roof tiles. You can have 150 guests seated comfortably in the rose garden and they have adjacent patios if you’re considering having your ceremony there. This allows you to have both your ceremony & reception onsite. Just a tip for larger guest counts, I love to offer valet service. It’s a small investment with a high yield.

The La Jolla Bridge Club- For those who have to be “on the ocean,” this is the place for you. A small modest building at la Jolla Cove, this place is easy to miss but not to be missed. Surrounded by a grove of trees, your guests can mingle as the sun goes down and listen to waves crashing in. For couples hosting a Wedding, you can take advantage of Elizabeth Browning Scripps Park just south of the club for your ceremony. With park permit and chair rentals , think about $600 total to have the ocean as your ceremony  backdrop on your day. The prices for renting the club varies but the max you’ll pay is $2500.

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Decor Ideas

Finding the right theme or wedding decor that uniquely fits you as a couple, as well as complements your venue, can be a huge challenge and may take some compromises. For example, if you have a garden-type venue, you may want to create a floral theme or arrangements that fit within the venue’s aesthetic and do not overshadow what’s already there. If your venue has a particular color scheme, then you may find it difficult to choose your ideal wedding colors and not clash with the established colors. However, at The Cuvier Club, a San Diego venue many of these challenges are easily overcome because of the venue’s high vaulted ceilings, clean lines, and white walls; basically a blank canvas for you to paint your perfect wedding picture. To help you choose the perfect accents for your wedding theme, here are some common decor ideas that work at The Cuvier Club:

• Paper lanterns – Add some flare and color to your event by hanging different-sized paper lanterns from the ceiling. Many people like to place them only over the dance floor, but it looks just as great when hung throughout the ballroom.

• Uplights – Since the main ballroom is surrounded by white walls, uplighting is key and can really add a dramatic touch to your event using a range of colors. With enough uplights, the ballroom becomes awash in your chosen color!

• Floral – Whether your chose large and ornate centerpieces or opt to go with something a little more modest, any kind of floral arrangements and colors work within the main ballroom.

Parisian Ceremony

We’ve had quite a few unique ceremony seating arrangements recently and this is one of our favorites. The spiral arrangement allowed for a more intimate ceremony for this smaller guest count then the tradition layout would have allowed. Most couples choose to get married underneath the arch, but this pair chose to use it as an entrance to space. We also loved how they turned the ballroom into a Parisian cigar lounge.

I think it worked out extremely well. Let us know what you think!Once again our Bougainvilleas need to be mentioned. They really do make our ceremony site stand out. They provide such a wonderful backdrop for such a special day.With the Bougainvilleas lining the ceremony site, this archway looks like you are entering a secluded garden.

Here’s the site all ready to go! The large flowers in the center are a great addition that help fill the open space without distracting from the actual ceremony.

Here’s the couple reading their vows to each other. The close proximity of the guests really changes the dynamic of the wedding making it much more personal for everyone.

The Bride and Groom sharing a laugh and a smile. Though weddings can often be stressful, it’s always heartening to see a couple enjoying themselves.

Just married! the bride and groom moments before their first kiss as husband and wife.

The Brides Pomeranian’s lead the couple through the arch on their way out. It looks like they are enjoying themselves just as much as everyone else.

Inside the ballroom where the reception was held, they creatively decorated the space like Parisian cigar lounge.

Here’s another shot of the entire ballroom ncluding the Eiffel Tower backdrop. The space was dimly lit, providing a swanky atmosphere to this fun party.

The lamp centerpieces and the purple uplighting provided all of of the light for this reception.

Here’s one last shot of the ballroom before the end of the night. We really enjoying hosting this event at our venue here in San Diego. We hope to see more like it soon at the Cuvier Club

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Tying the Knot

We just celebrated Chris and Vienna’s wedding and their Asian-Fusion inspired theme was expertly done! Instead of the usual seated placement that we typically see here, the ceremony took place under our pergola framed by hanging carnations. The guests were standing, which may seem less formal, but the wedding ceremony also felt closer and more personal.

Chris and Vienna’s Guestbook.  Nothing fancy, but elegant in its simplicity.

Fountain at the Venue

The lighting really complemented the other elements of theme and warmed up the whole space.

I liked the ballroom setup so much here’s another picture.  The hanging carnations were a fantastic feature to the usual decor

Flower centerpieces. Notice how even the candles match the color of the lighting.

These assorted cupcakes are a very popular alternative to a wedding cake.

The wedding sign outside The Cuvier Club.  This style script was used on everything else – table numbers, beverage lists, etc.  Not overly busy, but still fun.

The bride reading the vows she wrote to her husband.  Original, a few jokes, and not too soppy, everyone enjoyed this moment.

Vienna and Chris’ wedding party lining the ceremony site.  I’m amazed at how much color there was during this event and it still looked great in our San Diego wedding venue.

And there’s the ring! Two guests happily look on.

All smiles from the Bride

The ceremony sites fountain fit well with the overall theme

These dyed hanging carnations were an excellent addition to the decor!

The ceremony site being prepped moments before the guests arrived.

The bride moving through the guests. She made it a point to thank every single person who attended. It made the day that much better.

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