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San Diego Wedding Venues – The Best Venue by the Sea

The Cuvier Club is known to be among the best San Diego wedding venues. This beautiful, elegant, La Jolla, sea side venue is a popular destination for coastal wedding ceremonies, reception, and even corporate events. The remarkable flowers and fountains in the ocean view courtyard provoke an awe inspiring outdoor San Diego feeling. If you’re looking for a money saving all inclusive wedding package or want to bring in your own vendors, the Cuvier Club will certainly be a a top choice on your list.

The Abbey Catering & All Inclusive Special Event Package Co professionally manages this venue as well as manages, owns or works closely with nearly all the private event venues in San Diego. Most of the weekend dates at the Cuvier Club are booked a year in advance but we have you covered if you need something sooner and the date you need is not available. As a complimentary service, we are excited to help you find, compare and finalize your perfect San Diego Wedding or Special Event venue with over 40 other San Diego venues we work alongside. The Cuvier Club offers a venue fee ranging from $500 to $4400 depending on the date and day. Ask us about other discounts available at each venue including the Cuvier Club!

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Our Recent Beach Themed Ceremony

We might only be steps from the San Diego beach, but that didn't stop this couple from bringing the beach to their wedding! They decked out our ceremony site and ballroom with a bunch of beach-themed decorations. They had everything from a driftwood pergola to sea shells at the entrance of the aisle. As always, the wedding was a success and everyone had a blast. Check out these photos that we took to share! If you really like something put it on Pinterest! This is the first time I've seen this type of wedding at the Cuvier which is surprising since we are located right in San Diego. This is the aisle just as guests were showing up and [...]

A Stunning Reception

Purple was the color chosen for this beautiful reception, with sunflower centerpieces adding a refreshing touch and a splash of color to this summer wedding in San Diego. If the centerpieces weren’t enough to grab your attention at this stunning San Diego wedding, there was no shortage of delicious food.  With this much attention to detail put into everything prepared, you can be certain there was no shortage of happy guests, either. The warm summer day of this wedding transitioned wonderfully into a warm, beautiful summer night.  Naturally, it was best enjoyed best with the contrast of a cool glass of water. Save room for desert! An event hosted here is  going to be unique, and these assorted cupcakes [...]

The Cuvier Club

In the 3 years of its existence, we have established ourselves as a premier San Diego venue. With all of the interest we've garnered, we often find ourselves with multiple clients wishing to book the Cuvier on the same day. Our San Diego venues are now starting to book clients 14+ months out! With that in mind, our specialists offer you an edge to securing the ideal space to host your event. The Darlington House- Built as a private home in the 20's, this beautifully renovated property was designed in a traditional Spanish style. With sweeping rose gardens, brick pathways, and terracotta roof tiles. You can have 150 guests seated comfortably in the rose garden and they have adjacent [...]

Decor Ideas

Finding the right theme or wedding decor that uniquely fits you as a couple, as well as complements your venue, can be a huge challenge and may take some compromises. For example, if you have a garden-type venue, you may want to create a floral theme or arrangements that fit within the venue's aesthetic and do not overshadow what's already there. If your venue has a particular color scheme, then you may find it difficult to choose your ideal wedding colors and not clash with the established colors. However, at The Cuvier Club, many of these challenges are easily overcome because of the venue's high vaulted ceilings, clean lines, and white walls; basically a blank canvas for you to [...]

Parisian Ceremony

We've had quite a few unique ceremony seating arrangements recently and this is one of our favorites. The spiral arrangement allowed for a more intimate ceremony for this smaller guest count then the tradition layout would have allowed. Most couples choose to get married underneath the arch, but this pair chose to use it as an entrance to space. We also loved how they turned the ballroom into a Parisian cigar lounge. I think it worked out extremely well. Let us know what you think!Once again our Bougainvilleas need to be mentioned. They really do make our ceremony site stand out. They provide such a wonderful backdrop for such a special day.With the Bougainvilleas lining the ceremony site, this [...]

Tying the Knot

We just celebrated Chris and Vienna's wedding and their Asian-Fusion inspired theme was expertly done! Instead of the usual seated placement that we typically see here, the ceremony took place under our pergola framed by hanging carnations. The guests were standing, which may seem less formal, but the wedding ceremony also felt closer and more personal. Chris and Vienna's Guestbook.  Nothing fancy, but elegant in its simplicity. The lighting really complemented the other elements of theme and warmed up the whole space. I liked the ballroom setup so much here's another picture.  The hanging carnations were a fantastic feature to the usual decor Flower centerpieces. Notice how even the candles match the color of the lighting. These assorted cupcakes [...]

Our San Diego Wedding Venues Gallery

 If you’re considering having your wedding in one of the best San Diego wedding venues, we should be on the list. Find why we have been voted as the #1 Wedding Reception Venue San Diego, California, for over five years! Our reviews speak for themselves. We know that the most frustrating part of finding the perfect location is the initial research. Our group of professionals is here to help with any questions you may have.

Known as “America’s Finest City” San Diego’s perfect climate is ideal for any event or wedding. With consistent blue skies, the greatest weather year around in the nation, beautiful beaches, it’s easy lose all sense of direction with everything to see in San Diego. You really have an amazing opportunity when you host your wedding in one of the most well known San Diego wedding venues. Hotels and resorts can deal with any party size. San Diego is full of restaurants with amazing foods. The city of San Diego is lively and different, with noteworthy structures right around a hundred years of age alongside buildings with modern floor plans.

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Choosing The Right Wedding Venue

When you’re ready to find the right San Diego venue for your wedding you’ll need to get ready to do some research. Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life and the last thing you want is to choose a venue in San Diego you felt “ok” about. You want to get excited when you think about the venue that you’re choosing for your wedding. After all, it’s a once in a lifetime experience right? We know choosing the right venue in San Diego can be daunting. With so many choices, your budget and your family to consider it’s no surprise why that’s the case. In order to help you a bit we put together a few things you should consider when choosing the right San Diego wedding venue.

Step One – See a Pro

Find the most exciting wedding venues in San Diego for your vision. We offer complimentary, no obligation, initial wedding planning services to help you find your perfect venue in San Diego. The Cuvier Club is a popular venue in San Diego but it’s not for everyone or your date might be taken. We understand that and are excited to help you find the venue that’s right for you as an alternative if necessary. Your wedding planner will know which venues are best for your dream San Diego wedding vision and budget. Our planners do all the leg work for you including checking availability calendars and schedule tours for you.

Step Two – Details

Develop with your wedding planner a wish list and vision for your wedding. Are you flexible on your date? What are your colors? What is the rough timeline? What services do you want to include from contractors like photography, DJ, cakes, florals, etc..? Our San Diego wedding planners offer complimentary services to get all these things figured out and a basic vision nailed down. They take the stress out of the planning and make it exciting! Call us now to schedule your first appointment with one of our award winning planners.

Step Three – Guest List

Building your guest list is also one of the first things you should do before choosing a venue in San Diego. The last thing you want it to find the perfect venue to find out it’s too small to accommodate your party. Be sure you build your list not just with your partner but with your family as well. Sometimes couples will forget about certain family members or your immediate family may have a few old friends in mind for your wedding in San Diego. Remember, the smaller the list the smaller the investment.

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Don’t take our word for it. Our hundreds of reviews speak for themselves. We’ve spent years building our reputation and creating one of the best San Diego wedding venues. Be sure to take a second to read our positive reviews, from previous San Diego weddings, if you have any doubts. When you’re ready to get started don’t hesitate to contact us and request to view our venue. Simple message us through our contact page or call us directly to learn more about our pricing. Find out why we have been featured as on of the favorite outdoor wedding locations. Enjoy beautiful sunsets, views near one of California’s best beaches. Get ready to celebrate in style in the most popular places couples love.

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Our Wedding Venue

With 10,000 square feet of celebration space, the Cuvier Club has a gorgeous courtyard, suited specifically for weddings. The ballroom space serves as a great place for any reception. Surrounded by the beautiful San Diego coast, it’s easy to fall in love in this venue.

We offer numerous wedding packages including all inclusive wedding package of San Diego. We do this so that you are one hundred percent sure to get everything you need for a memorable and everlasting wedding. Also, we offer excellent in-house bar services and catering as well.

Seated dinner service (with dance floor room): 300
Seated room for ceremony in bougainvillea garden: 600
Corporate Events, Recitals, Receptions, Press Conferences, etc 600-800

300 guests for catering and events