We might only be steps from the San Diego beach, but that didn’t stop this couple from bringing the beach to their wedding! They decked out our ceremony site and ballroom with a bunch of beach-themed decorations. They had everything from a driftwood pergola to sea shells at the entrance of the aisle. As always, the wedding was a success and everyone had a blast. Check out these photos that we took to share! If you really like something put it on Pinterest!

Nothing beats photos on the beach at the Cuvier Park for weddings.  Can you imagine yourself in that photo at this amazing San Diego wedding venue?

La Jolla Wedding Smile

These reserved signs were really neat. They really made every effort to make sure all the decor matched the theme.

Wedding at the Cuvier Club & Ceremony at Cuvier Park

Wedding Venue On The Beach

This is one of my favorite pictures that I took of their wedding.

The minister did a wonderful job of officiating the ceremony. He really knew the bride and the groom well and was ecstatic to see them married.

Weddings rings are such a timeless symbol of marriage, and though we see this at every wedding, each time is specially unique.

You can really see the joy in the couples faces. Here’s a moment right after their first kiss as a married couple.

It’s hard to believe that in just a few minutes, a promise is made to be together for many years to come.

The whole bridal party looking expectantly at their two friends.

They were like this all night! It was amazing to see them both laughing and smiling constantly.

Everyone loves s’mores and it’s a great way to say thank you to your guests.

There was non stop dancing with this crowd. Our ballroom was one giant party by the end of the night. I hope you enjoyed these pictures of yet another beautiful wedding here at the Cuvier Club! Until next week!

Cuvier Club

Atmospheric Accents

Stephanie's Wedding at the Cuvier Club