The Darlington House

Stunning Spanish architecture, a fountain flowing into stunning perennial gardens, and market lighting to cast your special day in a romantic glow – this is the tip of the iceberg of what The Darlington House offers. Consistently one of the most desired venues in San Diego, not only are they stunning and well loved, but they are charitable too. At this venue you can enjoy your wedding with up to 200 guests, and even at its maximum, it feels like a beautiful, flowing event.

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Spanish Romance beside a San Diego Shoreline

Whether on site in their gardens, or nearby at Windansea beach, your ceremony will bring to life the love you two share. This venue has it all, from the fully private setting to ample amenities. With a two-story historic library, take stunning photos, and for your event, have your bar setup in this indoor space, leading right to a courtyard perfect for cocktail hour!

When you rent The Darlington House for your wedding, you will have access to the entire house. This includes the use of the outdoor courtyard, sparkling water fountains, and the garden that always has something in bloom! Colorful Spanish tile work creates a backdrop of delicate romance. The aesthetics of this venue speak for themselves, and little to no additional decorations are warranted. 

The Darlington House is a not-for-profit organization that gives their proceeds to a senior living center right next door. When you start this beautiful new chapter of your lives together here, you are also taking care of others.

Want to Tour the Darlington House?

We work at this venue as an approved vendor and our team of Event Specialists would be delighted to answer questions and connect you directly with the venue managers of Darlington House!