When Sartaj and David came in union under the Cuvier Club’s roof they perfected the essence of a great party. They blended both traditional Indian melodies and dance with the best of the American bread modern music and catchy moves like “The Point” born from John Travolta’s Saturday Night Fever. The beats mixed in perfect harmony and we have the video to prove it!

The food was an absolute gem, you can practically taste how amazing it was through the pictures alone. Our mouth was watering from the smell, and the taste, it was indescribable.






The entire evening was very unique. It started with the marriage of the couple by a Guru. This took place in our foyer next to the fireplace, with hundreds of blankets laid on the floor on which guests could sit. The foyer became a sacred site while the wedding was in progress. Shortly after, everyone adjourned outside for a beautiful sunny cocktail hour in our new Outdoor Bougainvillea Garden. After the meet and greets, everyone wandered inside of the ruby-lit Grand Ballroom for food and entertainment. It was fun to be a part of such a truly unique event that really utilized a lot of the different aspects of Cuvier Club!