It’s Spring time again, or at least it is in La Jolla, where the sun is always shining. We’re kicking off our Spring season with a whole new look for the front entrance with beautiful new plants. Starting off, we’re planting a row of Pink Breath of Heaven directly along our sidewalk. These South African natives are fabulously fragrant with thousands of beautiful flowers. Also this week we’ve planted a few little Tea Trees which have a character all their own.

We’re doing a little planting every week, so its out with the old and in with the new! Come by and check it out for yourself, or maybe get some ideas for your own garden. The Cuvier Club is a perfect wedding venue for those looking for an outdoor and indoor wedding. These are some of the few reasons why Cuvier is known to be the best San Diego wedding venue.

Cuvier Bridal Party San Diego
Cuvier Park La Jolla California
Cuvier Park Wedding, La Jolla, California