The options seem endless when designing a special night, there are an infinite number of colors, props, and innovations that can be used to construct a beautiful design scheme for any event theme.  Accent a wedding with color and prop.When a venue is large enough to hold 300 its also a large project when designing. But in our hour spent designing we have discovered a few tricks. One neat trick is color accenting, building off bold colors that stand brightly against a color scheme. This is a skill that must be spun into each minor task when working on a large project. Center pieces can make a major difference, for example: the use of tall standing centerpieces can great height and a feeling of grandeur in the room as in this photo. Flame is naturally attractive and provides dually as a perfect lighting source and an indoor decor. Light is not only natural, some great effects can be made by artificial light, shining LED lighting onto white walls is like painting on a blank canvass – enhancing a beautiful environment, making it sizzle and turning it into a colorful wonderland. The best trick of all is understanding your creative side, bringing out the inspiration from within and allowing yourself to trust in your own innovation.  Don’t be afraid to try something new if you love the way it looks others surely will.