A Merge of Candles and Nature

Some of us love creating, we know in our heart what we create is uniquely ours and gives a warm sense of accomplishment. This is a wonderful feeling. With simple materials you can make your own decorations for that future festive event.

We have in our resources a few great ideas of how to create some decorations on your own, a helpful guide if you will. So let us move right to the good stuff and start off with one major piece of the design puzzle – the tablescape.

A lavish candle display

First, buy two or three types of glass containers that should be congruent with candle size, these containers will house both the candles and the surrounding flower blossoms. You can buy simple plain candles. You may be amazed at what is possible with a some ingenuity and a few wax candles. Also, remember to keep track of the number of tables you will be decorating and to buy an according amount of every design ingredient.

Next, pick out a lovely type of tablecloth, with colors that will match the rest of your theme. Go ahead, and choose some of your favorite flower blossoms to use, it’s best if these flowers have contrasting sizes, perhaps one prominent blossom that is louder and more robust while the other slimmer smaller blossoms can fill in the surroundings. In the end use your best judgement, there are no strict rules in the design game.

Now that you have the supplies, fasten the tablecloth on to the table, place the pieces of glass  in basically any arrangement at the center of the table, place the candles inside the glass containers and intermix the flowers you have bought into different arrangements – filling your new glass vases to a safe level so that the flowers do not burn, flames are beautiful but only to a certain degree.

Once you have your set-up take a glance and see how it looks from different angles, when you feel you have a beautiful shape and color you’ve hit your mark. Now with your uniquely shaped set of aromatic, glowing, floral, candle-lit glass design centerpieces, you have an eye catcher, great for the medium of any table-included event.

A Complete Tablescape