Some of us love to create and each item we do has its own story to tell. Sometimes we just don’t know where to start, but lucky for crafty fellows such as ourselves there are helpful guides called “do it yourself” recipes found on the internet. And with those you may just be amazed at how much you can do with a few every-day items, a dollop of ingenuity and a few hours of spare time.


  • 3-6 Assorted Glass Vases
  • Various Flower Bouquets and Stems – When it comes to buying your floral accents I recommend some of a comparable color scheme. When it comes to the type of flowers I recommend taking advantage of the store owner’s expertise.
  • 4  or more Floating Candles & an equal number of Glass Containers of ranging shapes and size
  • A 5′ Round Table
  • 8 White Folding Chairs
  • 10′ Round White Tablecloth
  • And Other Decorations you happen to find attractive–but not too many.

The true designing is up to you but we can give you a great set of guide lines to follow. First and foremost, as you browse the store remember to keep a keen eye on the color schemes and shapes of your crafts. Once you have all you need start by laying out the table, and tablecloth. The easiest part of this decoration but one of the most important when deciding the location of each table and how best to fit the layout to the environment. After, arrange several pieces of glass over the tablecloth and place a unique floral arrangement alongside a few candles which you can float in water-filled glass cylinders, this will prove to be your eye-catching center piece. The flowers will fill the area with a pleasing aroma. The candles serve to set the mood but also make a great ambient lighting source. When the candle light will reflects off the water they create a beautiful shimmering effect and bring along a welcoming warmth. Last–but not least, use any of the miscellaneous decorations you happened to find and would fit sleekly within your current candle-lit floral setup. An example would be anything from glass beads to brilliantly colored styrofone spheres. Use your imagination, delve into your creative side, and it will always be beautiful.
You will know you have it right when you can stand back, relax, take a look, and then be filled with a slow warm sense of joy.

That’s all it takes to ensemble a creative collection that anyone could love.  You need not even follow this recipe – you can always wing it, stitching together miscellaneous decorative pieces and placing them in a way that ebbs and flows to your desires. Take for example this picture of a dynamic centerpiece and how it blends with yet still stands out against nature’s natural contour. Now imagine the same layout under the shadowy play of 20 beautiful golden flames. Stunning.