One of the most valuable designer resources is right in front of us and yet it’s hidden right before our eyes.  We can’t see it but we can certainly put it to use, you could call it free space, it’s all the area in front of the door, above our heads, to the side of the walls, and you can amplify your next event simply by placing the right shapes and colors in the open space. There are a myriad of options, from hanging candle-like lanterns to streams of simple ribbons.

Some options are to drape down strips of ribbons and fabrics that match your events color pallet, they can be placed in creative designs, in certain areas, all to make what you want stand out stand bold and stand beautiful. Another favorite space filler are round hanging paper lanterns, these paper lanterns can be colored, styled, and placed anywhere to really bring out what is underneath. For a more rustic feel or for an outdoor wedding various items can be used to build an ideal theme, many things such as bird-cages, classical glass lanterns, fresh flowers, wax candles, and more can be hung in trees or placed in strategic places among the tables and chairs. There’s no restrictions to how the empty space can be used; but if used, it is like adding to an event a fourth dimension.

Feel free to glance at a few examples from here at the Cuvier Club

Festive Martini Tree

Uplight framed slideshow

Party Favors

Busy Table

Holiday decor

Floating Candle