There are so many factors and conditions that are always unforeseen in any event.  Being a wedding coordinator lays quite a lot of responsibility and accountability for all aspects prior to the day of and for the day of.  We at the Cuvier Club have been trained to deal with any situation that may arise.  We have been given the tools and with training, this allows us to successfully complete events at different venues and different clients desires. Different elements of each wedding has given me the opportunity to grow and provide outstanding service and quality performance for each and every bride and groom.



The Cuvier Club, located in the jewel of San Diego,  La Jolla, has the wonderful and 5 star staff from the Abbey Catering and Event Design to make any event a smooth and perfect one.  However, my job is to over see everything from the service staff, vendors, timeline, and conceptual design to make your wedding or event go perfectly.  One thing I recommend, it’s that you take advantage of our preferred vendors.  These are our hand selected vendors that we have weeded out from the unprofessional and unreliable vendors.

After that I bring up our latest happily wedded couple, Judy and Tim. They were wed on November 17th, 2012 and it was an absolute pleasure being their coordinator and becoming great friends with them.  Their wedding was undeniably a truly special and beautiful wedding.  There were beautiful draping, purple up lighting, and many little beautiful details that friends, Judy, and I put together that really made this wedding stand out.

However, there was a major hiccup in the event which could have put a major dent in the reception.  One of her outside vendors failed to live up to what they proposed so thinking on my feet and with the generosity of The Cuvier Club, we were able to remedy the situation and compliment her what the other vendor failed to do.  I don’t think it is necessary to say who and what the vendor was providing, but we were able to save the day and make sure that the wedding went off without a hitch.  We will go above and beyond for any of our clients to make sure that their day will be filled with happiness and laughter and a lifetime of memories.