A Beautiful Day for a Wedding

Two Hundred people gather at Cuvier Club wedding venue to watch the Wall Wedding. The Martini Tree full of champagne glasses ready for celebration provided by the Abbey Catering, a wedding caterer. A beautiful day to have a wedding at the Cuvier Club, San Diego's premiere wedding [...]

Designer Tips for a Fresh Look

One of the most valuable designer resources is right in front of us and yet it's hidden right before our eyes.  We can't see it but we can certainly put it to use, you could call it free space, it's all the area in front of the door, above our heads, to the side of [...]

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Something Borrowed, Something Blue

The simple use of colored up lighting can transform our venue from something plain to something magical.  For the event pictured here, our bride chose "something blue", so we lit up the entrance, our north atrium, to the reception hall blue.  When the sun began to set you could see the "blue room" [...]

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Kenny and Amanda’s Wedding

The Abbey Catering's beautiful pastry chef, Amanda was married to Kenny here at the Cuvier Club two Sundays ago.   Our ceremony site was full of people waiting in anticipation for Amanda to be escorted down the aisle to be married. Rows of beautiful black chiavari chairs led up to a decorative ornamental [...]

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