Summer #Wedding in #La Jolla

Last week it was a great day to have a wedding! We took a few photo’s to share.  Let us know what you think!

Here’s a shot of our ceremony site right before the ceremony.  The Bougainvilleas are in full boom and ready for a great wedding season here in La Jolla!
Our Champagne Tree held some delicious mimosas to kickstart coctail hour!
We really enjoyed these name place holders.  Save you’re wine corks and have a unique DIY project you can use at your wedding!
Simple, easy, yet these flipped over wine glasses made some neat centerpieces.
These cupcakes looked almost too perfect to eat!
“I Spy” was at every table.  What a terrific idea idea to get the conversation flowing.
The final moments right before the ceremony started. Take your seats!
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Staying Well Before the Wedding Bells

                You’ve shed blood, sweat and tears and waited countless months, maybe years, for this day to come.  You wake up, ready to tackle the day and finally marry the person of your dreams, but find you have an unwelcome visitor:  a nasty cold or flu.  So what are you going to do?

                Well, I’m not a doctor, so if you’re trying to find some get-well-quick-cure, you’re reading the wrong blog.  But Benjamin Franklin once said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” so here are some tips from WebMD on keeping yourself healthy, so you look and feel your best on your special day:

  1. Wash your hands regularly.  This should be a no-brainer.
  2. If you need to sneeze or cough, then do it into a tissue or the inside of your elbow (rather than your hands).  This helps prevent the spread of germs.
  3. Avoid touching your face, since germs usually enter your body through the eyes, nose, and mouth.
  4. Jump on a treadmill regularly (or any kind of aerobic exercise), because this type of activity helps your body produce more germ-fighting cells.
  5. Eat more fruits and veggies, especially those that are dark green, red, and yellow.  These kinds of plants have naturally-occuring chemicals that give vitamins in food an extra kick.
  6. If you smoke cigarettes, then stop.  If you don’t smoke, then pat yourself on the back.  Smoking can weaken the immune system and make your little nose hairs incapable of sweeping away germs from your nasal passages.

It may be the night of your bachelor or bachelorette party, but think twice about ordering that last martini.  Heavy alcohol use also weakens the immune system and leaves you dehydrated.

  1. Last but not least, just relax.  Studies have shown that when you’re actually able to relax, you can stimulate cold and flu-fighting cells in your immune system.
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Stretch Your Dollar At The Cuvier Club

If you haven’t yet considered The Cuvier Club San Diego Wedding Venue for your upcoming event, you need to sit up and take notice; the club was recently voted the #1 wedding venue by ABC News “A-List” for the second year in a row!  Born as a USO club in 1942, the Cuvier boasts vaulted ceilings, original hardwood floors and state of the art upgrades that will make your San Diego wedding one your guests will never forget.

Here are a few tips to make your experience as value driven as possible when considering your venue selection:

The Cuvier Club is a tremendous value when compared to other San Diego reception halls as many decor rentals are included complimentary! Not only that, the in house catering company, The Abbey Catering & Event Design, includes complimentary up to 60” round guest tables & 150 chivari chairs. The venue also features everyone’s favorite upgrade for decor: Italian wedding lights inside and outside. You can even further your savings by selecting the equally award-winning Abbey All Inclusive Event Package. Utilizing this inclusive discounted yet vetted vendor package provides for the greatest stress free, perfectly planned, and extraordinary event.

Consider being flexible when choosing what day of the week you’d like the event to be on because on less frequently requested days of the week, the Cuvier Club is offered at even lower rates.

A general rule in planning, and budget balance is only achieved by persistently pursuing your vision while staying mindful of what concessions you may need to make. Think about hosting your wedding the Sunday before a holiday.

One growing trend is to book a venue for the Sunday before Labor Day or Memorial Day. In fact, the club is already interviewing couples that are hoping to book a discounted Sunday, or as I like to call them, “second Saturday.”

Lastly, don’t forget to bundle. Wireless and cable companies offer them, and so does the Cuvier Club, so why not take advantage? Select items as needed “a-la-carte” or you can bundle them for even greater savings. Everything from décor items, to wedding planning professionals, can be obtained through the Club and usually at a discounted price.

Get in touch with one of our team members and learn more about why you should host your wedding or event at San Diego’s #1 Boutique Venue today!

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Have your holiday party at The Cuvier Club and let us capture the magic like you imagined. From 10 guests and up. 

Come check out #CuvierClubs beautiful cherrywood baby grand #Piano!

Being one of San Diego’s top private event and wedding venues, The Cuvier Club is always striving for excellence, in part by maintaining the integrity of and improving upon our facility. For example, one aspect of The Cuvier Club we are so proud of are the original hard wood floors that are still intact from the venue’s days as a USO Hall. As an addition option we make available to our venue, we were able to acquire a beautiful cherrywood baby grand piano that can be used (by one of our great pianist) for all types of entertainment purposes:

The piano is a great complement to any cocktail hour, whether someone is playing background music inside the front foyer or on the upper deck of the bougainvillea courtyard.

Use the piano as the main source of music inside the grand ballroom for a corporate function, intimate dinner, or elegant wedding.

The Abbey Catering & Event Design Company, the main in-house caterer, also has talented musicians we can hire for you to play for any special occasion.

Top 4 Reasons to get Married in SanDiego

1. Weather

Have you ever thought about doing an outdoor wedding, but worry that the weather will get cloudy, or cold? The national average for sunny days is 213 – San Diego has 267. It rains less than 12 inches annually and that’s virtually only in the winter months. You can plan your romantic beach wedding stress free knowing that your outdoor wedding will be pleasant and sunny in San Diego.

2. Attractions

There are so many great tourist attractions in San Diego, your friends and family may just make a vacation out of this trip. Take a boat out in the bay, or go whale watching! There are a thousand places you can get affordable surf lessons. Want to wake up early and do yoga on a paddle board while watching the sunrise? You can actually do that in mission bay!

Go hang out with polar bears at the San Diego Zoo or  watch how fast a cheetah can run at the Safari Park. And you can’t forget about Sea World where you can see Shamu do all of his amazing tricks. For something more leisurely and educational, the 1400 acres of Balboa Park are home to 14 museums and countless other attractions.

If your guests just want to relax and enjoy themselves? Point them to any of the gorgeous beaches we have here from Coronado beach, ocean beach, mission beach, pacific beach. seal beach, La Jolla cove – do I need to go on? The best part is that it’s all within a short drive! You won’t have to feel bad about inviting your great aunt who lives in the Midwest. Honestly, your guests will be happy to come.

3. San Diego Knows Weddings

Having a wedding somewhere remote or secluded has it’s advantages. But keep in mind that it may be difficult to find the exact vendors you want. However, you won’t run into any issues here in San Diego.  You could even say that San Diego specializes in weddings. There are no shortage of wedding professionals that can help make your day better than you thought possible. If you want fresh fish served at your wedding – no problem! We even had a whole pig just this past Saturday at one of our events!

4.  Range of Venues

So where would you want to get married? Of course there’s the beach, but there’s so much more to San Diego. It’s the 8th largest city in the U.S. which means there is no shortage of venues to choose from. Want to get married in a beautiful garden? Check out the Botanical Gardens which are kept pristine throughout the year. Maybe you want something more modern and chic? Then get married in a high rise in San Diego’s vibrant downtown with an amazing view of  Coronado and the ocean. Or even have a rustic wedding in a vineyard at the Bernardo Winery. There is almost everything you can imagine from small and intimate ballrooms here in La Jolla to ranches further inland.

Bottom Line

It’s difficult not to brag, but the Cuvier Club has a mix of it all. Our venue may not be literally on the beach, but take a quick stroll through the quaint La Jolla Village and you have access to all of the beaches La Jolla is famous for. Our ballroom is large enough for accommodating all your guests, and we have a ceremony site which is breathtaking. Whatever you choose, it’s impossible to go wrong with choosing San Diego as your destination for your Wedding. You can rest assured that the most perfect day is waiting right here .

And here’s a picture out my back window as I typed this.  San Diego really is like this all the time.

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