Those who lived through the 70’s remember it largely as a wonderful celebration of peace following a decade of chaos and turmoil. It was a chance to hit the dance floor and boogie oogie oogie ‘til you just couldn’t boogie any more. It was an era full of changing fashion trends, from brightly colored flared trousers and tie-dyed tees to leisure suits and peasant blouses.

It was a time when Americans looked back and celebrated 200 years of freedom and looked forward to a future filled with the excitement of space exploration and new inventions that would make life easier and more interesting.

La Jolla Elementary School came in with guns a blazing with a flashback 70’s party; they transformed the Cuvier Club into a groovy nightclub on par with Studio 54! They threw this blast from the past for a special cause. This special event was to raise money allowing the school to supplement some budget costs.  The fundraiser provides the nursing of arts and teachers with large numbers of children in classrooms and their supplies, and much more.

A theme is always an amazing way to get everyone involved and make sure everyone has a truly special event.  Some things to remember and key to a successful event:

  • Have a vision that will appeal to all involved
  • Have a team that will help you execute the vision
  • Provide a your guests a plan and ideas of what is to be expected
  • Provide your guests several stores where they can shop for the theme that is requested
  • Always think of the little details, they make all the difference
  • Stay true to the theme and remember it’s alright to go over board