At 6:30 the doors opened into the entry hall where bright red strawberries, honeydew melons and cantaloupe lay on shining metal fruit trays just next to containers of cranberry and orange juice, the fresh oranges bobbing in the liquid next to coffee containers with the slightest hum of steam swirling off into the morning underneath little sugar cubes of speckled brown and the purest white finally lead unto glazed and chocolate doughnuts. Just a leap away large buffet trays sat full of warm food, grilled potatoes and three offerings of omelets, one vegetarian, one with the whiff of bacon, and the third tasted like ham.

After everyone arrived and had the opportunity to get a hand-hold on a plate-full of breakfast and a hot cup of coffee many tables laid in the main hall where a giant screen was in the lime-light of a bright white projector. The people brought in their laptops, connected to our wi-fi and prepared to learn something fresh. Then when the time came, up overhead and broadcasting in multiple states, came the audio and video of their lecturer. It was an early day of progress and learning as this web seminar broadcasted live inside the Cuvier Club, It would have been easy to make the mistake and believe that the teacher was standing, just there, present and preaching up on the stage