Another gorgeous day in La Jolla brings another wedding to the Cuvier Club. Our venue was packed with great people, great food, and a terrific couple that brightened the whole ballroom. We took a few photos of this unique wedding to share with you. Tell us what you think, and as always, feel free to Pin anything you like!

Let’s be honest, which table would you rather be at? This centerpiece was a giant vase of candy and goodies with other treats strewn all over. What a fun way to make sure the kids are enjoying themselves.

Maybe I’m a bit bookish, but I very much liked these simple centerpieces. The books added a nice touch that I’m sure was central to the bride or groom’s (maybe both) personality.

Simple and elegant, these reserved signs matched nicely with the theme and the rest of the decorations.

Here’s another photo of the centerpieces on the tables. Each table was slightly different and had their own unique accents such as this birdcage. In this case the client wanted to order moonshine for their wedding which is a bit out of the box but fun.

Yes, that’s a sword! Right in front of the ballroom they had this sword next to the wedding dessert!

Here’s the Chalkboard Menu for the evening served by the Abbey Catering. I got a taste of a few of the items and they were wonderfully delicious.

The table place card holders were very cool and I wasn’t the only one who thought so, too. Everyone was taken with the keys and thought it was a creative idea.

Here’s a shot of some of the props that were set out for the Photobooth.

As you can see, Chalkboard’s are very “in” right now and you can see why! They are a fun, easy and neat way to write messages. And reusable too!

So the centerpieces were a favorite of mine and I took a lot of photos of them. But most centerpieces are the same for each table so it was exciting to see something that changed things up like the birdcage and and this clock.

On a long square table there were a couple of these cool old bikes that were among the assorted items that made up the centerpieces.

This couple opted to use something besides just a regular wedding cake for dessert. If you look closely, you can also see that there are small pictures of Star Wars characters dispersed throughout. Sure it’s a little quirky, but I really respect that the couple did something that reflected their personality.

Traditional guestbooks are nice, but they often get lost or forgotten. With a guestbook that is more unique and fun, you are more likely to keep it somewhere out in the open. The guests loved the puzzle pieces and I do have to say that the chalkboard sign was clever.

As the wedding went on I stepped outside the Cuvier Club and I took just another beautiful La Jolla sunset. As the day ended, Seana and Johnny’s wedding marked the start of a new beginning.