Cuvier Club wedding venue large wedding

Two Hundred people gather at Cuvier Club wedding venue to watch the Wall Wedding.

Cuvier Club wedding venue Martini Tree

The Martini Tree full of champagne glasses ready for celebration provided by the Abbey Catering, a wedding caterer.

Wedding Site Beautiful Day

A beautiful day to have a wedding at the Cuvier Club, San Diego’s premiere wedding venue.

Following several days of gloom in La Jolla, the sun finally came out to show us a what San Diego weather is really all about.  Saturday, Oct 1 was a beautiful day for a wedding. The sky was a brilliant blue with only a wisp of a cloud in the sky and the sun shining like it had been missed for days in La Jolla Cove.  The guests gathered to watch this couple exchange vows on the ceremony site in front of the Cuvier Club, San Diego’s premiere wedding venue.

These 2oo guests, although squinty eyed from the sun, had ear to ear smiles on their faces.  A day they had all been looking forward to for many months had finally come and in the back of the ceremony site were champagne filled glasses dangling from the martini tree, provided by the Abbey Catering in cooperation with Babycakes, ready to be snatched up and raised in celebration and happiness.