Coming Up On Our 1 Year Anniversary

Time flies when you're having fun, they say and we at the Cuvier Club are coming up on our 1 year anniversary since change of management from the St. James Church to the now outstanding, San Diego premiere wedding and event venue.  So much has been accomplished over the past year and we [...]

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Lend a Hand, Add Your Touch to Your Event.

Some of us love creating, we know in our heart what we create is uniquely ours and gives a warm sense of accomplishment. This is a wonderful feeling. With simple materials you can make your own decorations for that future festive event. We have in our resources a few great ideas of how to create [...]

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The Cuvier Club’s Neoteric New Beginnings

The Cuvier Club never succumbs to apathy when it comes to the beauty of our venue – we are always striving for unmatched magnificence – forever building upon this beautiful, ocean-side, La Jolla locale.  Since the start we’ve applied every effort in rectifying [...]

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