Designer Tips for a Fresh Look

One of the most valuable designer resources is right in front of us and yet it's hidden right before our eyes.  We can't see it but we can certainly put it to use, you could call it free space, it's all the area in front of the door, above our heads, to the side of [...]

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An Early AM Computer Conference Call

At 6:30 the doors opened into the entry hall where bright red strawberries, honeydew melons and cantaloupe lay on shining metal fruit trays just next to containers of cranberry and orange juice, the fresh oranges bobbing in the liquid next to coffee containers with the slightest hum of steam swirling off into the morning underneath [...]

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More Tips for the Designing Eye

The options seem endless when designing a special night, there are an infinite number of colors, props, and innovations that can be used to construct a beautiful design scheme for any event theme.  When a venue is large enough to hold 300 its also a large project when designing. But in our hour spent designing [...]

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